This unique course is modeled on The Safe Dog Handbook to arm you with the skills, resources and knowledge to protect your pups in the real world.

react confidently and intelligently in a life-threatening emergency; and boost your profile credentials to help you stand out in the highly competitive online marketplace of pet care providers.

My approach to dog safety has been praised by top veterinarians, VPI Pet Insurance, national humane organizations and countless dog parents. You'll learn the same skills I cover in my hands-on workshops and more - because here on Udemy, I'm also able to incorporate amazing teaching tools such as video clips of real emergencies, guest experts and a bonus e-book download. Plus plenty of adorable dog action!

Lecture 0.1Detailed video demonstrations for new guidelines in pet CPR
Lecture 0.2Special tips for dog sitters, walkers and other pet care providers
Lecture 0.3Bonus dog & puppy proofing e-book, toxic plants, foods
Lecture 0.4First aid kit handouts, links for top dog safety apps & products
Lecture 0.5How to read vital signs and more, using real (adorable!) dogs + training manikins

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