These are just a few of the questions answered in Inside Your Dog's Mind by world-renowned dog behavior expert and TV dog trainer Victoria Stilwell from It's Me or the Dog.

By focusing on the amazing advances seen within the world of animal behavioral and cognitive science over the past few years, Victoria will take you on a fascinating journey deep into the canine mind while providing practical tips and exercises designed to enhance your communication and relationship with your dogs. 

Inside Your Dog’s Mind explores how dogs think, feel, learn and process the world around them. By learning what modern behavioral and cognitive science is uncovering to help better our understanding of how man’s best friend learns, adapts and communicates, you can discover how to use this knowledge to more effectively promote learning and guide your dogs into making choices that are more compatible with the world you share with them.

Understanding of the canine mind

Lecture 1.1Test your dog’s intelligence and learning style.
1 day
Lecture 1.2Gain a better understanding of your dog’s cognitive profile using the Five Cognitive Dimensions
2 days

Develop tailor-made training plans

Lecture 2.1Utilize custom-built cognition games and exercises
2 days
Lecture 2.2Explore how the evolution from wolf to dog has influenced how our modern dogs think, feel and learn.
3 days

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