Learn how to feed your dog the way nature intended and get a lean, fit and healthy dog. Makes dog training much easier!

This dog training - feed your dog a raw diet course is for people who want to feed their dog a diet that is designed to give them optimum health, body weight and longevity and for people who would like to reduce their dog food bills and save a fortune at the vets.

Some dog food ingredients can cause health problems and behavioral issues in dogs such as hyperactivity and aggression. When dogs are fed the right diet dog training either becomes much easier or often the unwanted behaviors simply disappear. 

In this dog training - feed your dog a raw diet course you'll get the information you need in order to feed your dog a diet that has no preservatives, colourants, additives or low-quality ingredients. You'll learn a feeding method that is natural, is easy for dogs to digest and gives them vibrant health, regardless of their age, current health or weight. 

What raw feeding is

Lecture 1.1How much to feed your dog daily
4 days
Lecture 1.2Save money on your dog food bills.
3 days
Lecture 1.3Have complete control of what is fed to your dog with a diet
5 days

Switching from conventional feeding to raw feeding.

Lecture 2.1What types of raw food to feed your dog and where to get it from.
8 days
Lecture 2.2Save a fortune on veterinary bills.
7 days

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